10 Cool Summer Dresses You Shouldn’t Wait to Try This Season

If clothes had a beauty contest, bet your money on dresses. Dresses are a perfect choice for wear for individuals looking to have a headache-free style. Unlike what many people prefer, the jeans, tops, and skirts which require suitable pairing, dresses just need a perfect slap of perfect pair of shoes and a bag. Besides, different types of dresses are outstandingly glamorous for every season and occasion.

However, for the summer, several things come into play when selecting the suitable dress to try out. Regardless of these factors, be certain of finding a cute summer dress. Especially those designed by fashion gurus with women’s comfort in their minds expect a flaunting look this summer. That said, what are the possible determinants of dress to rock during the summer season? Below are some guides.

Factors Determining Your Choice of Summer Dress

1. Age
This is the primary consideration when hunting for a cute summer dress. You should consider your age or the age group of the person you intend to surprise with a dress. This is the main guide on how to choose the dress. For instance, small children enjoy their summer in soft colored dainty printed dresses. Boys on the other hand like masculine colors such as grayish blue or brown. Grown ladies often prefer some touch of pink, red or green. Besides the choice of color, some fabrics may be quite delicate thus suitable for girls whereas rough textured one’s suit boys.

2. Season And The Prevailing Weather Conditions
Being a summer, there are straightforward choices to go about. Different fabrics are suitable for varying weather conditions. In this case, consider cotton blends and synthetic as they are a good conductor of heat. Warm colors such as yellow, green and orange should also be a preference.

3. Income
You should definitely consider a dress that fits your budget. This is why you should consider an extensive search to find suitable and glamorous dresses fitting your budget.

4. Occasion
Summer seasons are full of events, parties and outdoor occasions. Therefore, inquire on the nature of event you plan on attending before heading out to buy a dress. Durable dresses with simple designs are suitable for daily and informal wear whereas formal occasions demand novel fabrics.

5. Personality
This summarizes the values and culture of an individual. These aspects of a person can be judged from the dressing code with ease. You can highlight salient features and figure flaws to a great extent through the dressing. A Proper dressing may help enhance self-confidence whereas improper dressing may make one a laughing stock resulting in inferiority complex. Therefore, choose your dresses wisely.

Having said this, other factors will get your dress next to perfection. However, the key is finding that one style, brought about by various dresses that enhance your natural body type. That said, the top 10 cool summer dresses for summer include the following.

Top 10 Cool Summer Dresses

1. The Maxi Dress
This is a perfect choice for all ladies or women in need of style this summer. They are a perfect choice for holidays, casual events and evening outdoor activities. It is also incredibly versatile due to the various colors, prints and other aesthetic cuts.

2. Mini dresses
These cute summer dresses are making a rippling comeback this year’s summer. This can be attributed to the comfort and versatility nature associated with the dresses. They are a perfect choice for office attire, casual outfits and cocktail events due to their A-line cuts, classic and retro designs.

3. Beach Summer Dresses
The summer season is a perfect outdoor, specifically beach going period. So to say, no summer can be complete without the colored, white, printed and short beach summer dresses. They are made with crazy white straps, neon shades, cutouts and a little bit of frill to enlighten them. Some of these styles can double up as casual daytime and cocktail dress choice.

4. Flirty Dresses
These are a perfect choice for ladies intending to elicit a girly vibe. They are a perfect choice for summer dinners, casual daytimes around the streets and parties. Go for thick chiffon and silky fabric cuts with impeccable prints, color, cut and style.

5. White Dresses
The white dress is undoubtedly the most coveted style during the summer season. Besides bringing out your ultimate beauty, they elicit a classy, fresh, feminine, sexy not forgetting your sunkissed skin. An advantage of these dresses is that they can go well with various combinations including leather jackets and boots.

6. Black Dresses
Black has won and maintained the spotlight when it comes to fashion for quite some time. Finding a lady without a black dress is impossible. Consider several styles from mini flirty styles to maxi or midi depending on the occasion.

7. Floral Summer Dress
The florals, just like black dresses have ruled the dress market and become one of the cute summer dresses. Your definition of summer will lie on the choice of colors in the dress.

8. Oversized Dresses
These are a massive trend for the 2017 summer. They are a perfect choice for work, casual looks, evenings and fat days. Many people prefer them due to their sophistication.

9. Shirt Dresses
Summer seasons are all about diversity. Men borrowed styles including the shirt dresses can also spill over. They include an oversized button, loose hanging dress with a belt around the waist. It is a professional and effortless way to dress around.

10. Thin Strap Dresses
This is a reminiscence of the 90’s style. These dresses are a great choice for an extended summer craziness.


Finding and exclusive dress this summer can be quite challenging. However, by consideration of the above-mentioned factors and having insights on the available dresses, be certain of success.

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