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Care4Women is a community that welcomes every woman, blogger, problem solver, journalist, doctor, fitness trainer, nutritionist or any professional to express herself and connect with a large audience of women who care about women’s topics of interest like:

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We don’t charge for publishing your articles on Care4Women. However, we have some limitations about what kind of articles can be published on the site.

  1. Article is unique, which means it doesn’t exist anywhere on the web. We can easily check this with specific tools.
  2. The article should provide value for the reader. After all, that’s the primary reason why people are posting articles on other websites.
  3. The guest post should be well structured with headings, short paragraphs and proper grammar. If you send images, please make sure they’re not copywrited or specify the source.
  4. The article should not have less than 500 words. Bigger and detailed articles are getting more readers on a long-term basis.
  5. Promotions are not allowed. Instead, please link to sources that provide value and enrich reader’s knowledge.
  6. The author should provide image (min. 100x100px), author bio, website and social profiles if any.

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