Makeup that Make You Look Old

Makeup that Make You Look Old

Everyone yearns to feel and look fresh and youthful. There are many facials, creams and procedures, which helps to improve the appearance of our skin, and make it beautiful as we desire. Makeup when used well, can help to improve your skin complexion and make you glow with radiance. However, a mistake on the amount of skincare product used and the way you apply it can have an impact on your skin appearance and may be used to tell how young look or how old you are. A mistake in the way you apply makeup can play a significant role on how you look. Below are the makeups that you can apply and look old than you are.

Too Dark Lipstick

As you get old, your lips will lose definition and shrink. To gain back your youthfulness you need to wear a lipstick, which will add fullness to your lips. A dark coloured lipstick will make your lips to appear less plump, smaller and less highlighted.

Applying wrong shades on the wrong place in your face

Shades of blush is meant to add youthfulness on your face. However, applying it too low makes you to lose skin contouring and definition. A shade of brown colour will make you look dull, muddy, and as if makeup is sitting on the surface of your skin. A light coloured shade can easily washout and make you look old. Highlighting the shade very low on your cheekbone bottom will make you look aged and not define the features that you intended to lift. When selecting a shade, try to choose the one that matches your natural skin.

Not Matching Your Blows With The Colour Of Your Hair

As you age, your eyebrows will get thinner and they need to be highlighted with brow powder or a pencil in order to define the features and make them full, thus creating a youthful appearance. When selecting the brow products, try and select the ones that match with your hair colour. When highlighting your brows, extending past your natural brows will make you look aged and not pleasing.

Wearing foundation that do not rhyme with your skin colour

Wearing a foundation that do not match your neck or skin, will make you look as if you are wearing a mask. Too light foundation will make your skin look lifeless and flat as if it is made to sit on your skin. Too dark foundation will not highlight your features and it will instead drag them down by adding them heaviness and dullness, resulting into a decline in your skin complexion and you will appear aged. Wear a foundation that matches your natural skin colour to make your skin evenly blended. Too much foundation will accumulate on fine lines and make you have a layer that looks aged than the other areas.

Applying eyeliner on the bottom side only

Spread over eye liner on the bottom of your eyes and leaving the top area will make your eyes look smaller and the overall appearance of your face will appear older. Making the liner too thick will exaggerate the features and make you look too old. Use an eye liner that looks the same colour with your lash line, to avoid having different tones which will make you seem old. Failure to connect the top line and the bottom line will make you have different complexions and will make you appear aged than you are.

Finishing with the powder

Powder will settle on the fine lines and magnify them, making you to look older. Using powder as your skin treatment final step, will make all the skin blemishes more pronounced and you will look aged. Powder will make you dull and prevent your skin from light reflection. If you must finish with the power let it be on the areas that are less pronounced like on your forehead, chin and the nose.


It is our great desire to have a good complexion and a look of radiant and youthfulness. What you apply on your face can make you look old or young depending on how you select it and how you apply it on your face. When selecting skin products to wear on your skin, you should first know your skin type and colour in order to select the one that matches your natural skin. you should also check on the density of applying the makeup, as too light will make you look lifeless and flat, while too deep will make you look like you have worn a mask. Powder is not suitable to use the last, as it will settle on fine lines and make you look aged. The same skin product can give two different results on different individuals, according on how it is applied.

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