Easy homemade face masks

Sometimes instead of buying different cosmetic products, it is better to borrow from what you already have at home. It is fresh, natural, and very effective way of beautifying.
So here are a few recommendations on how to refresh your face at home.

Peeling mask with egg

Mix two tablespoons of corn flour with egg white, place the mixture on the face and leave to act for 15-20 minutes, then remove the mixture with hot water and finally rinse with cold water.

home-made-mask-lemon-honeyPeeling mask with honey

Mix one tablespoon honey with two tablespoons finely ground almonds and half a tablespoon of squeezed lemon, then rub on the mixture on the face and finally rinse with warm water.

Mask against wrinkles

As anti-wrinkle mask use two tablespoons of honey and one egg white, mixed in porridge. Apply the mixture on the face, leave it to act for 15-20 minutes, then wash your face first with warm water and then with cold water. However, beware; this mask should not be used too often.

Refreshing mask with potato

If you want to refresh or make frosting of the skin, use a mixture of a fresh crumble potatoe and little fresh milk. Apply on the face, leave to work a few minutes and wash with cold water.

homemade-face-maks-with-bannanaRefreshing mask with banana

In order to refresh any type of skin, use a flattened banana. Apply it on face and leave to act for 20-30 minutes, then wash your face with chamomile tea. This mask can be applied once or twice a week.

Mask for impure skin

For impure skin, use yeast mixed with warm milk. Apply on the face and leave to act until dryin, then wash with warm water and then with cold. With regular use this homemade mask, your skin will be visibly cleaner.

Mask for sensitive skin

For sensitive skin, use a young cheese mixed with a spoonful of honey into cream mixture. Apply to the face like heavy layer, especially around the eyes and lips. Leave to act for 20 minutes, then remove with cotton, soaked in warm milk.

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