The fantastic four of body cleansing

Spring is upon us, and with it the opportunity to eliminate toxins that have accumulated during the long and cold winter. First sunrays of the spring bring us food that is rich in color, and other nutrients that have beneficial effects on the liver, the main detoxifying organ. So, without any hesitation reach for some asparagus, artichokes, spinach and strawberries.

Asparagus – the liver cleanser

Asparagus is a typical spring vegetable, and is usually harvested between March and May, sometimes even by July. Fleshy stalks of asparagus are appreciated for their succulent flavor and soft texture, and their green color comes from the chlorophyll which is known as the “cleaner” of liver and bloAsparagus-the-liver-cleanserod. Asparagus has very low energy level (calories), and that ranks it high on the list of desirable foods for losing excess weight. It is especially rich in folic acid, which contributes to the normal growth of tissues during pregnancy. It is important to point out the content of vitamin C and the high proportion of potassium, which makes asparagus a natural diuretic. With all these characteristics asparagus has always been used to relieve the symptoms of PMS and water retention.

Asparagus is a good source of nutrients that help protect cells from oxidative stress. Along with vitamin C, the zinc and selenium are those that make asparagus an essential part of detoxification diet that is advisable to take at the end of winter, in order to deprive the body of toxins and prepare for spring.
Asparagus and eggs are famous combination, but it is better to make asparagus part of mixed salads or soups. For true gastronomic pleasure, it’s recommended served with seafood.

Artichoke against constipation

Artichoke-against-constipationArtichoke is a vegetable that belongs to the family of daisies, and its medicinal properties have been known for centuries. It is believed that the beneficial effect of artichoke on the body comes from the bitter compounds in the leaves and roots, which have a special flavor and quickly stimulate the flow of bile.

The caloric value and the fat content of artichokes are minimal, but it is nutritionally a real treasury of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Artichoke provides vitamin C and potassium, as well as almost all the other vitamins and minerals in smaller amounts. It is also impressive the fiber content as 100 g of artichoke provides even 5.4 g fiber. Inulin, indigestible carbohydrate, has a mild laxative effect and helps with constipation.

Liver health depends on regular bowel movement, and in periods of imprisonment is greater burden on the liver.
Artichokes can fit in almost countless dishes, from soups to risottos over mashed potatoes, pizza, or meat dishes. But in order to be more efficient detoxification artichoke is best served as an appetizer, slightly boiled with olive oil and a light cheese, or blend in a variety of salads.

Baby spinach for strong bones

Baby-spinach-for-strong-bonesNowadays spinach is available all year round, but spring is the perfect time to enjoy the spinach especially as baby spinach, unlike the ordinary, has a sweeter taste and less stringy. Nutritionally, it is a very valuable ingredient. Rich in vitamin K, which among other things contributes to the maintenance of normal bone Baby spinach, like most spring vegetables, is a valuable source of vitamin C and potassium. It should be noted, and content of folic acid and iron.

You certainly remember Popeye and his instant growing muscles thanks to the spinach. Well, it’s not entirely a cartoon story. Like asparagus, baby spinach is colored green because of the pigment chlorophyll, which is extremely important in the context of detoxification because it is traditionally regarded as an effective liver and blood “cleaner”. An additional advantage of the spinach is its very low on calories since in 100 grams has only about 25 calories.
Spinach can be added to pasta dishes, sauces, pies, or you can simply experiment at will. When it comes to detoxification recommendation is to enjoy the salad of baby spinach with a twist of lemon juice

Strawberries against spring fatigue

Strawberries-against-spring-fatigueOne cup of your favorite red berries has only about 45 calories, but also the daily requirement for vitamin C. Moreover, strawberries are one of the richest fruit in vitamin C, which helps not only in detoxification, but also to overcome the spring fatigue. The same amount of one cup of strawberries provides a whopping 210 milligrams of potassium, which, among other things, contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Vitamins B2, B5, B5, C and the minerals copper, manganese and magnesium “complete” list of vitamins and minerals in strawberries, but not the total list of beneficial nutrients. Synergistic effect of all the ingredients is the reason why strawberries have impressive antioxidant capacity.
Strawberries, of course, fit perfectly in sweets, especially chocolate, but in the service of detoxification it is best to eat it alone. However, gourmets can also make strawberry sorbets or light shakes.

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