Which Mistakes Make Your Skin Older?

Do you frequently change the products for your skin?

Do you go to sleep with make-up?

Maybe these acts look harmless to you, but not only have they damaged your skin – they make help it aging.

Check if you too are making some of these mistakes and help your skin to look youthful and healthy.

Experimenting with funds

cosmetic-products-mistakeA lot of girls reject cosmetic products soon after they decide that they don’t really like them and then they are switching to a new one.

Frequent changing of products such as moisturizers irritates skin.

Each new skin cell takes 30 days to make its way to the upper layers of the skin. Therefore, experts recommend that you should give every new product at least 40 days time to prove their worth.

And when it comes to anti-aging creams or lotions, be patient for at least four months. Otherwise, you may have discarded a product that would have ultimately made you very pleased.

Also, do not be hasty in combining resources.

Introduce new products, one by one, because if you have them together, and feel irritation, you wouldn’t be able to tell what is causing it. Then you will have to test them one at a time anyway, and lose precious time.

Hold on sunscreen

Sun light is the major cause of skin aging, so you need to use the cream when ever you are exposed on the sun, for a longer period.

Sun’s rays penetrate your skin even through the clouds so you are not protected, even when the weather is bad.

Use only the cream of a wide spectrum, which blocks both types of ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB) with an SPF of at least 30.

Protect your neck and your arms

The skin on your neck and arm also need protection from the sun, otherwise it will show signs of premature aging, such as dark spots, dryness and sagging.

It is not necessary to purchase special creams for different body parts.

You can use the one for your face.

Do not go to sleep with make-up

If you‘re tired, you‘ll probably want to throw your self to the bed without extra effort like cleaning your face.

But skipping the cleaning may subsequently cause a rash.

Therefore, do not go to sleep before you take away your make-up and with it a variety of dirty particles that have stuck to it throughout the day and would found the way to the pores till the morning.

It is recommending using a good skin cleanser, and if you are really in a hurry to sleep, help yourself wipes, and then surrender to the dreams.

Indulge enough sleep

do-not-sleep-with-makeupShort sleep is another factor in premature skin aging.

A good sleep is necessary, because when we are sleeping, hormones drop to the lowest point, which gives the cells a chance to recover from chemical and mechanical stress.

If we don’t have enough night’s sleep, stress levels will remain high so that the adrenal glands secrete more stress hormone cortisol, which causes oily skin and acne.

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