How to Stay Active With a Busy Schedule? Here Are 5 Ways

Stay active with a busy scheduleIf we were to take a poll of reasons people do not exercise, I imagine “no time” would be the most common answer.

In fact, I’m sure surveys have been conducted with this as the result.

There are some individuals who actually love to exercise and find it relaxing, enjoyable or both.

Then, there are others who loathe exercising and try to find any way to avoid the unpleasant experience.

Lack of time is a great excuse, especially since most people are quite busy and juggling a hectic schedule.

There are also those who do sincerely want to exercise more but simply cannot seem to find the time to squeeze it in.

It may even bother them on a regular basis, but they do NOT know how to handle their time situation so to fit in fitness.

Personally, I am in the third group of individuals, and have noticed it becoming more and more of a challenge to fit in physical fitness.

I will admit that I am one that prefers to have a lump set of time to enjoy a daily, structured workout.

Unfortunately, that scenario seems to be gradually turning into a memory of how things used to be rather than my present day-to-day reality.

Thanks to a program at work, I recently started using a pedometer to monitor my steps and activity.

This was terrific for me, as I love walking more than anything.

When the program first started, I was still regularly getting to the gym at work during lunch.

I had no problem reaching a high level of steps at that time. However, things have changed and no longer am I able to use the gym during lunch.

Once easily able to attain 12,000+ steps per day, I now find myself struggling to reach 7,500 on some days.

Even if I take an evening walk, I am still finding this a challenge.

It has been said that 10,000 steps per day is required for weight maintenance.

I through to myself that, if that is true, I need to seriously find some creative ways to squeeze in additional activity REGARDLESS of my schedule that day.

With that, I have compiled a list of ways we can fit in fitness to help us all figure out how to remain active in a busy world.

Get up earlier

Get up earlier

Yes, I agree – this is not the top choice in my mind either; but, it is a terrific way to fit in regular fitness.

Many experts say that exercising first thing in the morning increases the likelihood that you will actually workout, and I would have to agree with them also.

I have found that if I think to myself that I will exercise later, perhaps after work, it usually does NOT happen.

So, try getting up earlier for a few days to see if this is a good option for you.

You may surprise yourself, and even start enjoying the quiet, “me time” before you head out the door.

Lunchtime Walk

Lunchtime walk

I may not go to the gym anymore during lunch, but there is no reason I cannot squeeze in a 15 or 30 minute walk outside when whether permits.

For others who do not have access to a gym during lunch, try taking a brisk walk during lunch.

Or, if you purchase your lunch every day, choose a place a few blocks away, and walk to get your lunch rather than opting for the café downstairs beneath your office.

If you use a pedometer, you will find that these extra steps really add up.

Parking Locations

Park your car far away

A few months ago, I changed my work parking to about a 1/2 mile away now requiring me to walk to the office every day.

This has added a guaranteed one mile walk Monday through Friday.

If you have this option, TRY IT OUT.

As I do, you may find that you really enjoy the walk before, and after work.

For non-work parking like the grocery store, for example, choose a parking spot further away from the store to squeeze in a few extra steps while doing your normal activities.

Family Activities

Family activity - biking

Watch a movie! or “Play a board game”- Fun activities, indeed.

However, maybe it is time to trade these traditional family activities in for more active ones. Some might be riding bikes, jumping rope, or having relay races in the back yard.

Did you know that jumping rope burns 12 calories per minute?

Whatever you choose, these are not only bound to be great family fun but can also help you stay active at the same time.

Household Tasks

Cleaning and exercise have one thing in common – it’s a good time to try to find excuses to avoid them!

However, cleaning can be a great way to fit in some fitness.

Various household tasks

Cleaning activities such as vacuuming, and gardening, for instance, are great calorie burners.

Or, maybe surprise your partner and volunteer to cut the grass.

Pushing a mower around for 30-45 minutes is definitely going to give you a workout while also getting something off the to-do list.

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