How to care for cashmere clothing?

care for cashmere clothing

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Here, we’re going in short, but memorable lines or actions steps + video on how take care of your cashmere.

Steps to maintain your cashmere sweater, coats, and scarves properly

Step 1. Wash cashmere clothes in cold water with liquid soap, and do not confuse cashmere with the clothes that leave colour in washing.

Step 2. Firstly, mix the water with hands, and then leave cloths to infuse about an hour and a half.

Step 3. Rinse clothes well with cold water

Step 4. Drain laundry well. Drain the water from the clothes, but do not do it rough.

Step 5. Put the clothes to dry on a flat surface. Put cashmere garment to dry on a flat surface and dry towel and change the drying side from time to time. Be patient, as Cashmere needs a few days to dry.

Step 6. Keep the cashmere clothes in separate bags which cannot me damaged my moths.

Watch this video from Howcast on how to care for cashmere!

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