Herbs that stimulate breast growth

Herbst that stimulate breast growthPlastic surgery is not the only way to enlarge breasts. Many spices and herbs that grow in our region have an amazing effect on the female body.

Large and sumptuous breasts are the dream of all women, and plastic surgeries are not the only way with whom you can increase.

There are more things that encourage breasts growth.

Between food affects their growth are dairy products, peas, garlic, cucumber, green salad, and berries.

Food that is rich in bromine and manganese such as white garlic, ginger, rice scampi, rice, and almonds is good for healthy breasts, and if you want luxuriant breasts, try a few herbs that are used in everyday use.

Instead silicones, read which herbs support their growth.

Greek seed

This herb originate from Greece and affect the increase of your breasts. The seeds should be dipped in water overnight, and then with the water in which stood the seeds massage your breasts.


This herb has anethole, and photoanethole (which increases estrogen in the body).

Fennel also contains phytoestrogen that stimulate breast growth and increase milk production in nursing mothers.

Breast measurements

Greater burdock

This herb increases blood flow in the breast tissue, encourages female reproductive system, and helps digestion.


This Chinese herb is used as a spice that gives a distinctive flavor in food.

However, it also can be used to increase the size of your breasts.

Sweet root

Even this herb contains anethole, and photoanethole, which increase the level of estrogen and prolactin and make your breasts larger.

Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua Kao)

This herb grows in Thailand and for a while was known as the anti-wrinkle cure.

However, it is one of the most efficient ingredients, which you can find in cream, lotions, and pills for breast enlargement.

With the help of these herbs your breasts will be firmer, prettier and more.

At least you should try.

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