Why Over-The-Counter (OTC) Products Are Bad Idea For Sexual Problems

Sexual Problems
Drugs sensitization whether medical or illegal intake of drugs is a campaign that requires more attention. Today, people have moved from seeking medication or treatment from physicians and taking over the counter drugs from the chemists. This is a situation that many nations around the world are fighting against, and trying to educate the people on the adverse effects that may result from it. However, this seems to be futile and new ways have to be devised. Of late, people have taken to buying over the counter drugs to treat their sexual problems. Here are some of the reasons why over the counter drugs are dangerous especially when used to treat your sexual problems.

Allergic Reactions

Your health and factors that may affect it whether minimal or adversely, is crucial information that you should have at your fingers tips. These factors include allergens that when taken react strongly with your body causing an allergic reaction, which also involves identifying the ingredients of components that cause such a condition in any medication. For sexual health, some of these drugs may be said to treat the disease you are suffering from but have adverse side effects. The side effects may lead to becoming infertile and since you don’t know this, you won’t seek medical attention immediately. By having your health status at hand, you won’t purchase medication just like that. Seeking medication should be the first reaction before going to the chemist for an over the counter dose.

Drug Interactions

Drugs interact with the body differently. It is important to know how they will interact and incase of side effects, those too should be explained to the physician. it is dangerous to combine on single dose of medicine with previously taken over the counter medicine or medical herbs taken a few days ago. The results may be lethal and you might die. Similarly, sexual drugs have to be taken cautiously and only after being prescribed for. This is because you can experience adverse side effects including high blood pressure, palpitations or irregular heart rates, nervous and anxiety strikes. If experiencing such effects after taking an OTC drug, visit the nearest healthcare facility and explain yourself before medication is administered to ensure you are treated the right way.

Wrong Diagnosis

As a patient, you have no medical knowledge. Asking the chemists personnel for prescription is even worse as many of them may not be trained pharmacists but salespeople. Therefore, the diagnosis made may be the wrong one and you end up taking the wrong medication. Wrong medications serves to strengthen whatever it is that is affecting you and the virus, bacteria or fungi become more resistant the more you take the drugs. However, this is hard to notice as the drugs may minimize their activity and you feel better for a while. Then, they reactivate and become much stronger than before and this can be lethal especially if dealing with an adverse virus.

Chronic disorders

Many people never associate sexual health with a chronic or acute disorder. This is because treatments vary and its effects may escalate and cause further effects to your health. By identifying and knowing which remedies are essential in your condition, you can occasionally take an over the counter drug but the advised route is one that involves seeking medical attention. Sexual drugs can also contain a component that can trigger a chronic reaction in a person suffering from chronic diseases. Over the counter drugs are not safe in any way. Preserve your sexual health no matter what others tell you; seek medical assistance especially if you have a chronic disorder.

Drug Overlap

This refers to taking different medication with the same active ingredient in it. This results in an overdose of the same medication to treat the same element. It is quite common as not many people concern themselves with reading medical labels of the over the counter drugs they purchase. We all hurry and take the medicine and forget that we actually didn’t read what is contained in it. The similar situation occurs when taking sexual drugs and you end up severely damaged or with a heart condition.


As a way to assist fellow citizens, families and friends, it is important to educate them on the importance of seeking medical attention rather than purchasing over the counter medications. In any case, the situation goes round, comes back, and finds you exactly where another person was if not well educated. Pharmacists should be part of those that are campaigning against medical drugs, sexual supplements and over the counter drugs that cause adverse health effects. Don’t say the situation won’t find you, play your part.

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