Avoid these Accessory Mistakes

Avoid these Accessory Mistakes
Accessories define fashion or more specifically, define one’s own sense of style. In order to develop that signature look or style unique to you alone, it is advisable to invest wisely in not only in them and other fashion aspects but also in the right types. However, in deciding what kind of belt to wear, what earrings to use or even what watch to wear, it is crucial to focus more on the way you accessorize the body with them than on the type of accessory itself. On that note, there are certain mistakes that should be avoided when accessorizing. They include:

Poor Skin Care

You can have the most impressive accessories ever but without a beautiful skin, they will look like mere add-ons to the body. The skin is the most fundamental aspect of the beauty. As a result, insufficient or inadequate care of the skin is the easiest recipe for premature aging. Proper skin care is a daily routine which involves cleansing, using recommended skin care products and moisturizing.

Black is Never Universal

Most people turn to black clothes as a last resort to a bad dressing day. However, black does not always apply to every situation despite its flattering attribute. If you have to use black apparel, accompany them with other accessories of different colors; it can be a scarf or a purse.

The Tight Bun

Over-pulling the hair back is in hair styles such as the bun and the ponytail has the effect of displaying an aged skin. Besides, pulling the hair also pulls the facial skin thus stretching it and compromising on its appearance. To avoid this rugged look when doing hairdressing, always leave some hair to drop over the face or around the edges of the hairline. It accentuates your facial profile and makes your facial features easily recognizable.

Too Much Jewelry

While jewelry complements the clothes on the body, care should be taken not to over-indulge in it. Too much jewelry will make you look too glitzy and unnecessarily sparkling. The use of jewelry is a common accessorizing technique even from a historical perspective and in the contemporary sense is still a tradition and trademark culture of most communities for instance Indian women. While it can be argued that too much of it is displeasing to the eye, complete lack of it has a similar effect. It is, therefore, prudent to choose just the right amount of jewelry to use for every dress-up combination; the clothing and occasion should act as the guide in this case.

Inappropriate Perfumes

As one age, preference of perfumes used on the body also changes. This is to say that most people at old age prefer perfumes with non-floral scents contrary to their preference in their earlier years. Perfumes should never be too strong such that it repels everyone around the user. On the contrary, it should define the user’s taste and preference.

Too Much Makeup

While makeup accentuates the facial features just like hairstyles, too much of it spoils the overall visual appeal of the face. Mascara, eye shadows, liners, lipstick and other facial makeup should not be overused but sparingly and carefully applied depending on the area of focus and the occasion at hand. Heavy makeup is not prominent as most women believe it to be.

Adorning the Wrong Handbag

In as much as handbags (for ladies or women) has more functional significance as compared to their aesthetic appeal, their looks with regards to the matching outfits of the user bears fashion relevance. In the contemporary fashion market, every cloth plus accessory you adorn need synchronizing. It is an unwritten fashion code, and ladies’ handbags are a primary target of this scenario. Besides size, color is also an important attribute that should be considered when shopping for handbags. Brightness is not a factor as long as it blends seamlessly with the matching outfit.

The Obvious Lip Liner Shade

The lip liners should match with the lips sticks applied but with a slight variation. To make the lips prominent for that attractive pout, choose a lip liner with a shade darker than the lipstick hue. It outlines the lips for a more prominent appearance.


Accessorizing can be the difference between fashion success and fashion failure. The above mistakes are some of the most common ones, but the list is not limited. Defining personal style and taste is a matter of constant trials and mistakes, which are unavoidable in any path to success.

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